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King of Viper Venom Elements

AuthorKing of Viper Venom Elements
I just look around opportunities in the market and notice a very interesting thing. Just share with you guys.

Player name: I find I can't post it here.
transfer log link: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_transfers.php?id=6450360&page=0

The funny thing is that I noticed this guy got 11k VIPER VENOM. What amazing! I guys this guy is trying to control the supply of viper venom to make profit. But the poor thing is he underestimate the suplly power. In the end, he bought at high and sell at low.

But a lesson. :)
Whats the question here?
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I doubt it's about demand manipulation; I think it's typical speculators.

another guy collecting certain elements:
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