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[2018.09.18] Day for Fighting forest spirits


Author[2018.09.18] Day for Fighting forest spirits
Astrologers proclaim the Day for Fighting forest spirits! Only today:

  • All lords and ladies of combat level 5 or above may fight this type of enemy on the map.
  • Beat the enemy 5 times to earn 1000 gold, 10 times for 2000 more gold, and 15 times for an additional 2000 gold.
  • For each victory from 1 through 5, earn +0.5 Hunters' Guild points. Victories 6 through 10 will each give you +0.5 Mercernaries' Guild points. +1 Watchers' Guild point will be yours for attaining each victory from 11 through 15.
  • Victories are limited at 15.
  • https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=919866360

    Slow long battles..
    Wiz neutral bonus doesn't work
    Yeah it didn't work last time either
    Def tribal with 5x10 SoM and amulet of luck works pretty well. 10 wins in 30 min.
    Ok I give up. For an elf this is basicly RNG if he misses the phantom or not. Their range kills your range, their melee kills your melee. You cant win if your shooters get hit..
    is hunter art bonus gonna work?
    the difficulty is ridiculous :/
    yeah, even for 6 th combat too many trees. Also, dispell for poison also not working.
    If no poison or low number of shooter(poison effect) then doable. Otherwise impossible. Hardly done 10 combats as Holy knights.

    Not necessary to set such extreme difficulty for daily event. (no competition)
    At least, restrict the shooter stacks to only 1 or 2 . In that case using phantom and teleport will help to do that possibly. 3 stack shooters no way to escape from poison effect.
    I think last time around too the difficulty was high when it touched the battles which gave WG points. Till MG it is manageable, after that we have to go full AP or maybe even enchants for those extra points.

    We should remember that this is a bonus day, hence extra effort might be required for the last few enemies.
    Done all 15 with Beast-Bane set!! But, Still not that much satisfied. No gold gain from the event. only spent extra golds. last event, I earned some gold just using few shop arts only. (No point using enchant arts for this kind of event. that work like money sucker)
    Amount of experience gained also too low. only 2480 Exp!! FSP Cool!!
    is hunter art bonus gonna work?

    Yeah, bonus damage to neutral will work.
    easily doable with Unholy necromancer
    Ok I give up. For an elf this is basicly RNG if he misses the phantom or not.
    Make phantoms after killing those flesheaters.. thats what i did. Or wait from hero on first time, on second turn if you make phantom then your phantom will get a turn before shooters.
    So much complaining, they are bonus battles not gifts. Last time was far too easy, in my view they should be challenging
    tribal is good for these battles. centaur will take the poison shots, and that trees are slow can let warlords and invaders build up spirits.
    Yeah, bonus damage to neutral will work.

    Actually it doesnt. Just tested it in my own combat. No noticeable increase in damage.
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