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[2018.09.18] Day for Fighting forest spirits


Author[2018.09.18] Day for Fighting forest spirits
Make phantoms after killing those flesheaters.. thats what i did. Or wait from hero on first time, on second turn if you make phantom then your phantom will get a turn before shooters.

By the time they are dead, so are my shooters from venom :/
for Aurelija:
I see you played using full arts, while I used only 1 enchanted sword ( except for last 2 battles where i used 2 enchanted weapons ), by which I spent less gold on cpb and got better result.
So would recommend to use 1 enchanted sword instead of full art set, won with ease all battles. One battle i lost, after which i equipped another weapon enchant which made last 2 battles even more easier.
I used all types of builds.
Easy times with classic necro, didn't need to worry about venom and shooters were targeting lich until they were blocked, so i could phantom full skeles easily

Kinda slow and boring fights but anyways good to have something new
closed by Meshy (2018-09-19 00:01:29)
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