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best hunting gear elves level 11

Authorbest hunting gear elves level 11
I am trying to beat Stone monsters (6423)
but I couldn't
the gear I was using

Gladiator axe enhanced
Sharpshooter bow
flame dagger enhanced
x2 general ring enhanced
1st imperal amulet enhanced
Light robber helmet and armor and boots

to reach the maximum damage

talents used
1st nature magic
and 3 luck
hunnter sets
Do dont need enchanted jewellry it gives no benefit just added cost, take an enchanted bow instead?
I know those sets
but I am trying to reach the maximum damage for shooters to be specific
for merlin36:
only enhanced are available for rent so it doesn't matter for me as long as I win
First turn convey mana with anchorites, then this should give you enough mana for phantom plus an extra bit for raising a tree or unicorn as a blocking unit, this should give you time to get the needed damage out of your bows
You should take hunter arts, with forest items to back it up like forest bow and forest necklace.

The bonus of hunter arts is better than taking the arts you mentioned earlier.

You can see the set up here for example
Ideally you will want forest arts, especially forest dagger with enchants, though the hard part is to find the enchants.

Alternatively you can try elf scout set, it will give you 5 luck from set with a good bow so you can pick battlefury or archery, you can request one from Igor-dmitriev (enchanted one). Unlike the other elf sets it won't lock you from getting bow and dagger.

You can also consider dungeon rings which will give morale.
Could always keep the weapons as they are and have the rest beastbane then a good balance
Also use dragonstone on backpack.
Also use dragonstone on backpack.

Anything but sphere ;)
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