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New Guild: Guild of Strategy/Tactics/Flexibility/Versat ility/Idk

AuthorNew Guild: Guild of Strategy/Tactics/Flexibility/Versat ility/Idk
(Please, help me find a name for this Guild, after reading this Post.
Possibly, use a word that makes me sound 'Intelligent' when I put it xD
The options that I gave, have to do with the overall idea of the Guild).

Okay, so...
The idea is to put a New Guild, with its own specific Stats as rewards, and unique type of battles, or conditions.

I was thinking battles, where you enter, and are given a totally Random Preset Character. With Army, Talents, and Builds, of your same CL.
Like, when you click 'Enter', you wont really know what you will be playing.
From a Rusher DE/CE, from Chaos Wizard, or HK and DD... Anything goes.

The place of the battles would be in the usual Battleground of CG, or you could even put the one with Barriers we had in a Tournament (I dont remember the name), or the one for Eofo. Just to make it more 'Complex', really.

Randomness shouldnt be at all Random 100%, so that 2 Chaosers, dont face 2 Rushers (Boring and not appealing).
Like, they could put Preset Team combinations, or something like that, in a Data base.
... Or just allow any Combos to be played together really.

Of course, you'd appear in battle with Full AP, because battles are more Balanced in Full AP, than Min, we all know this.

You wouldnt need AP at all to enter.
Why? Because you can equip Full Attack Equipment, and get a Chaos DE as Faction, so have very bad Stats for your Build.
Instead, you could pay 1500 per battle (Pretty much the cost of fighting in CG, maybe a bit less actually), so that playing the guild isnt Free.

> The overall idea, is that only players, that are able to manage Armies which arent usually his own, will get a 'Consistent' Win rate, and thus points for the guild quite well.

For instance, Im terrible at playing something that is really 'Aggresive' and Melee, taking into account the time I've been playing Magic Builds last years.
But I know people (We all do), who have several castles, and behave 'Decently' at CG, with pretty much any Faction and Build.

The problem I can see, is that people can farm FSL with other Factions pretty easily in this Guild Im making up.
... Pretty much a party of farming FSL with other Factions, and in Full AP...
No idea what you could do about that, sorry.

Another problem is that people could AFK very often, if they enter battle, and see they will be controlling a Faction they really hate.

The Stats gained for this Guild will be Kn and SP. Yes, I want them to be.
'Wtf Ipsen that is too imbalanced'.
Well, you could only give 1-2 of each, and at a very high amount of points.
Pretty much like AG, where there is only AG 1, and AG 2 (I think).

Was thinking yesterday about random stuff in my head, and came up with this.
> Btw I want people to stay only with the idea of getting a random army/faction/build and try play it.
The rest (Stats, Teams), can be changed.

Tell me what you think.
Kind of beats the purpose of having to build multiple castles to get to enjoy the full game. I mean, i have already finished all the castles and DUs as i assume most guys around level 17-20 have so i don't think this guild gives us anything besides not having to drink PoS to enjoy pvp.

Also, this may concern some especially if this becomes a permanent feature like a guild-
The problem I can see, is that people can farm FSL with other Factions pretty easily in this Guild Im making up.

I guess one fix would be to give very low xp and fsp so it isn't as cost efficient to farm different fsp.

The best part about this idea is the random army/builds that will force people to adapt and this can be pretty fun. But i am not convinced that this should be a guild so currently its a -1.

If it were a suggestion for new event then i would give +1.
I like the idea of facing an unknown army type with an unknown army and build and having to respond and adapt, the technical limitations to make this work are however significant.

Firstly the potential gain of FSP for anti factions without the required investment in castles or PoS. To balance this the cost for entry would need to be significant to act as a disincentive.

Secondly generating the number of fair battles required. This would be too time consuming for the admins to create the required diversity needed for the concept to work and have the battles be winnable. One way woul dbe to use only battles where people had won it and say got 2 FSP or more (hence avoiding MG and Hunts in this mix). This would probably mean there would have to be a minimum level before you could do these battles such that there wsa adequate differentiation between battle types. This would mean that theoretically everyone should get 100% win since like in WG every fight is winnable, but furthermore you start with the setup that made it winnable.

Whether a guild, not so sure about that, we have quite a few of those already, so I agree with VV, better as an event.
I like the name of "guild of idk". Seems fitting.
Guild of tactics is what cg is currently on ru server. Nobody there knows what CG is, they identify CG as GT =)
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