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Game logging me out when I just have log in

AuthorGame logging me out when I just have log in
It does that when I am active also but mostly when I have just log in.
I don't get it everywhere only on map tab (which is the 1st I push when I log in) and when I try to access the mine I already work in from main page.

This started a day or two before this implement, just for the time frame, I am not logged or been logged in any other device when happens.

PC win7 Chrome
For the time being, you can put that option to "No" in personal settings until the problem is solved.
It just happened again even with the "NO" option selected.

Just log in, pushed the mine from characters page and got me to log in page again.

I wouldn't bother if this didn't mess with my enrolls to be honest. :D
This still happens, having it on No or Yes doesn't matter, it is annoying and it mess with my enroll.
Happens to me all the time too
Is there any chance your pass has been leaked and someone else is logging in?
When new login happens, old user is logged out. Maybe you should change pass and see.
Only a random guess though.
Nope, no way.
Have never shared my password and it should show another ip logged in at my main page which it doesn't.
It is a glitch for sure.
this happens for me when I login via 2 mobile devices (one tab and my phone).
if I login via phone and switch to tab 2 hrs later I see that its signed out and vice versa
This happens to me during weekends when I am at home and using my pc and only.
No other device used, I don't even use a mobile, I don't have one. Plain and simple as that.

Week days I log also from works pc and I do log out manually always before I also run all cleaning apps which they also clean the sesion for sure. No tracks left behind.

It is a glitch._
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