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Magic Guild levels

AuthorMagic Guild levels
In my Castle I have Magic guild level 1,2 and 3 buildings built but Magic guild level 3 nature spells like summon phantom and earthquake doesnt show up in my hero spell list. why is that? while level 2 earth spells like raise dead and wasp swarm are available.

All these are while using a Holy knight class which I play rarely.
You have to have Basic Nature talent to cast level 3 Nature spells.
I case if I dont build Magic guild level 3 building in my castle, would I still be able to use the magic only using my Basic nature talent?
No. To use level 3 spells, you need magic guild level 3 and apropriate school basic talent, or a wisdom talent (lets you use all lvl 3 spells without school talents, still need the guild). As for level 4, you need both guild and advanced talent.
Alright thanks.
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