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[News] Mini Balance

Author[News] Mini Balance

Piercing luck changed to 2.5% now.

Also troops rebalancing,
1 interesting change I noticed - Fury barbs now have 4 behes at lvl 15.
Lost 1 patri and 4 spears :o
Piercing luck changed to 2.5% now.

What was it before? Which faction(s) can have this talent?

I lost one gargoyle and one golem.
17 lvl wiz lost 1 garg and 2 lorekeepers
So who are the winners and losers in this. Seems dwarf and wizards have less. Knights get more (5 wardens or so). Of course this is level dependent
for Omar Contreras:
3%, and dwarves.

I think my shadow barb lost 2 ogres and 9 (maybe) hyenas.
Necro lvl17 got +1 envoy +1 vamp +20 skeleton +1zombie, very happy with these additional guys
Classic dark elf gets a bit more, I think classic elves too (at cl 17)
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // User requested]
Level 7 elf is unchanged.
Delete #9, spelling errors

16 DE with rally - +2 shrews, +1 lizard, +1 ladon, +1 witch.
16 TDE with rally - either lose one witch and gain 2 stalkers and one hydra or lose 3 stalkers.
16 elf - Almost unnoticable without rally.
Same with charmer.
16 Tribal - + 4 goblins, -1 enforcer (idk centaurs), -1 warlord, +2 wyverns.
16: BW has an extra sphynx (giving up some grotesque). Not much change for classic.

Unholy gets more of everything except dragons for less filler legionaries. Tiny buff to classic.
BW CL 17: +1 fortune genie, +1 lorekeeper, +11 wreckers, +4 gargs, + 2 lodestone golems
DE Cl 17 with rally: +1 black dragon, -2 witches, +1 liz assailant, +1 mino, + 2 shrews
Lvl 16 dwarf
I lost:
2 spearmen
1 berserker
2 ursary
1 patriarch
Knights is most basic faction of this game. Some new factions and classes has been added in game for long before. All the factions are overall(talent sets, troops ability and attributes) keep those factions strong enough in P v P battles.

Only one changes has done to Knight faction till now 'Serge of energy'. however thats just a joke only. Because, its a conditional & activate ability.

No serious changes done to Knight faction even after most of all agreed the faction is weakest among all factions!!

Moreover, All the balancing is based on tournaments. In which tournament, Knight faction scored top compare to all other factions?!!

Overall, Balancing is utter non-sense in game!!
actually knight does fairly well in most events or tournaments.

and as i remember knight was one of the best factions to use in the blind EOFO tournament not that long ago
I feel the most significant change for unholy and classic dark elf at CL 17

1 more black dragon is pretty huge considering how deadly even 3 were :) I like this change.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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