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[Update?] The instant hunt with diamonds has been removed.

Author[Update?] The instant hunt with diamonds has been removed.

I think the admins saw this :P
or this one? :P

Fair and welcome move, just like when they added shop rings equivalent to rings of cold or the shop daggers.
My instinct is that this removal will only be on relevant days and not a permanent change to prevent exploitation of these bonus days
Could be the same with MG day I guess. MG rush is still allowed

Just checked, that player earned more than 1000 HG points in a day
I still find stupid tho. What's the point? Admins lose money, players gets angry. It's not like pumped characters are gonna go away. This only takes away chances for others to (kinda) catch up a bit.

Of course the ones who took advantage of this on previous Days of Hunters get to keep their 1000+ HG points hardly earned while the rest of the people waiting for something like this get the middle finger.

Honestly seems like admins don't really think about the consequences of their actions and just make it up as they go, examples of this are infinite, like removing tribals spirit gain DURING tournament (the ones who played a lot first day get to keep their wins, ofc) or other patches that could have been implemented from start instead of waiting to realize their event may not be well balanced. Shame.
Admins are human like everyone else. They cannot see the future and make mistakes. Better that they fix them than ignore them in the first place. Not that I disagree per se, it would still be better if they didn't make the mistake in the first place.
I can't see them taking it away for MG days. The difference between this day and the other hunt/MG days is that any half hunts you do today don't increase in difficulty. So Leana could do 1000 half hunts and have no increase in the overall number of creatures the next time she hunts. On the MG days, you can pump through them but your MG difficulty will increase with every win.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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