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How to beat knight opponent in CL 12 Cross Tournament

AuthorHow to beat knight opponent in CL 12 Cross Tournament
Something needs to be done to royal griffins, they should not be able to battle dive behind walls.

I am sick and tired of facing knights, where their royal griffin ALONE, wipe out my entire partner troops.

With unlimited retaliation as well as high initiative and attack and the ability to take out shooters with 1 dive, there is nothing I or my partner can do.

This is demonstrated by the high win rate of knights in my CL.

I realize that I am competing with players of my faction, and any dark elf who have 3 wins or more in my CL average out at a 40% + win rate. This is horrible and ruin the game experience for me and my partners.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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