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[2018.10.26] Day of Followers

Author[2018.10.26] Day of Followers
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Followers! Only today:

  • You attract 60% more followers to your Leaders' Guild reserve.
  • :{
    I don't get it
    Every 5 battles you get more leaders guild troops. Not a great day, but no rush of anything bad happening with it at least
    You are supposed to play the Event/Tournament A LOT today, or WG, or whatever. Stuff with Full Arts.
    To make profit of this day, and get many units of LeG, for another moment you wanna play it.
    ... I guess.
    Well it's 60% bonus, even if you do min AP battles, you still get the profit.
    You guess right although I don't think it's so good as to be worth changing usual routine.
    I just turned level 1 in the guild and received 128 incendiares. At 78 leadership points each, this represents 9984 leadership points total of incendiaires. Ad such, I did NOT attract 60% more followers like this day suggests.
    60% from battle not guild lvl up
    Logically, it should apply to both.
    I agree with FA, the day is the amount of features you find is 60% higher.
    Ad such, I did NOT attract 60% more followers like this day suggests.

    Sure you did. You normally get way less than that (e.g. 184 gremlins for 5,520 points).
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