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Help with WG quest

AuthorHelp with WG quest
Hello, I could use some help with this WG battle :)


I don't know what strat to use, seems hard as they can reach me fast and they hit hard, should I go full attack and ini and max shooters maybe? idk
Thank you for any suggestions.
Perhaps you can take a look at this hunt-record battle to get an idea:


Granted, he can use much better arts than you can, enchantments and all that, but he faces a much bigger army.
Talents - Last breath + Nature + Luck talents

Army - Go shooter build with max gmb and anchorites then max your trees and finally go for spirits. You will also need 2 stack of dragons if it shows insufficient troops

Troop settlement - GMB (1:10) , Anchorites (1:9) , Tree (1:8 to 2:7) and you can decide for remaining units but these 3 should be fix at the start

Strategy - Take 6 knowledge parameters for gmb, anchorites and spirit phantom (Third one will only be for blocking purpose). Split your spirits into 2-2-main, Full stack of gmb, anchorites , trees and dragons. Try to block them with your spirits and dragon in first turn and use trees for covering shooters and phantoms. You have to create Phantom of gmb first so that it get's created on 2:10 and your tree can come to 2:8 to 3:9 on his first turn. After that just keep defending and shooting ;)
Sorry Expert just finished it before I saw your post xD thank you though for the very detailed guide, I got 3 stars somehow anyway. and good idea Omar to check hunt records didn't think of that.
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