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Does raise dead spell make raised stack gain their turn faster?

AuthorDoes raise dead spell make raised stack gain their turn faster?
In the beginning of a recent battle, demiliches raised dreadlords and dreadlords got their turn much faster. I didn't know raise dead spell worked that way. Does anyone know how to calculate this?

battle link: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=927195292
(watch how dreadlords gain their second turn super quick)
For unholy necromancers yes. That's their racial ability called Master Animator.

The description of this ability only mentions the effect when the lord raises dead, but I heard that their demiliches inherit the ability as well.
Does anyone know how to calculate this?

Master animator
This ability is available to Unholy Necromancers. They keep Necromancy, i.e. the ability to fill their reserve with skeletons, but are unable to take reserve skeletons into battle.
Instead, Master animator enhances "Raise dead" spell. The effect depends on faction skill level:
Amount of HP raised increased by [10*FSL]%;

When the lord resurrects a stack, it is advanced on the initiative bar by 50% + 3% * [lord's faction skill level].

So at fl 11 it gets up to 83% which means almost instant move if the unit did not move right before the liches.
Thanks, I missed that. Well played by the unholy necromancer then!
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