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[HWM Daily] Trick or Treat? (Competition)


Author[HWM Daily] Trick or Treat? (Competition)
Good day to you mighty Ladies and Gentlemen!
Empire's strongest warriors need your help! More information you can find here. The best assistants will be rewarded.
Time to fight back!
Doesn't show anything..
Still draft it seems..
Should be up and running since 12:00. It is alaso on the news feed of the english version. Try one more time, and if it still doesn't work let me know asap :)
does not work
Weird, let me try to repost it.
Now it works, thanks!
So the article has been re-posted now. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope it works now!
Cool stuff.

One question, how would we know if we have defeated a squashman? I didn;t think it appeared on our combat log
That is the whole point!
There is a way, but you have to figure it out :)
I'm confused.
Where do I find the squashman?
I thought they disappeared midnight of 1.11
It is tricky to find battles versus squashmen.
But there are plenty other ways to earn some rewards. You can talk to bots for example. Just type something in chat when fighting them, I am sure they have a lot to say ;)
Is this a joke?
No it is not a joke. I am serious. The competition is on. If no one manages to complete the challenge of finding a Squashmen battle challange, the prize money will be allocated to other categories :)
atleast give some hints
The quest is going to end very soon, do not forget to post your combats/chats :)
The Council has decided to extend the quest for one more day due to the insufficient amount of information. Dear Lords and Ladies, you can still submit your entries for the competition until 23:59 CET today (04.11.18) The results will be announced tomorrow! :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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