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[2018.11.02] Day of Feisty Labourers

Author[2018.11.02] Day of Feisty Labourers
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Feisty Labourers! Only today:

  • If you have won two or more battles since your last enrollment, you get a +10% bonus to your wage.
  • This bonus stacks up to 50%, but is reset if you enroll without achieving two victories.
  • :{
    (not) ok :P
    Sadly it includes 2 wins.
    Player banned by moderator Meshy until 2018-11-02 10:20:29 // FR4.2.1// redundant symbols in messages are forbidden.
    It's getting boring now.
    I don't mind such days where it's not beneficial to players like me who do just 1 battle for 11 LG
    But i think this is 4th time they're repeating this day
    You guys better get nothing
    Well said Nowar xD
    for Gameaddict:
    Its almost like admins give different bonuses aimed at different play styles..
    You guys better get nothing

    It's not that I want benefits from the days.
    I just like different days with different styles.

    Now halloween event gives nothing except achievement and few FSP
    But I do it cuz it's fun.

    So let it be even bonus of 10 Battles a day. I highly doubt I'll be doing it.

    It's just I like seeing something different.

    And I do participate in hunter events days with extra points or diamonds.
    I don't do just 1 battle for 11lg
    In fact I go for 20-25 hunts that day
    I had MG to do. Admins gave me a free mount. I also get the fsp bonus from free ABC. To top it off I have the wage bonus. So there's some nice synergy going on here. Day of knight was pretty good too to combine free ABC with knight fsp bonus.
    I'd love a no AP loss day :D
    i meant durability xD
    also a NO ap day would be cool aswell like old days
    A no dura loss day would be crazy if applied to all battles. Imperial arts and off to AG I would go with mirror (time permitting) and farm the lower levels.

    As such therefore I do not think we would get a no durability day without some form of restriction, either on the number of battles or the battle type (As with ones so far restricting it to 3 for CG's/duels only)
    I wish this would be permanent thing. I mean it would reward active players.
    closed by Meshy (2018-11-03 00:01:44)
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