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New Weather system

AuthorNew Weather system
hey guys not sure it was suggested before, we could implement weather system to make the game more fun,

example, sunny day, archer attack range +1, example crossbowmen has range of 6, under sunny day became 7 before it deal lesser damage

Windy day, all type of shooter attacking range -1, example crossbowmen again, became -1, and 5 range , but all troop movement speed +1, speed but not initiative, example guardian has 4 movement square, if its under this weather, become 5, map travel speed +50%

Raining day, all troops morale burst chance -10% , and initiative reduced 5%,

Cloudy and misty day, this day is full of mist and hardly to see the path, thieve guild thieves attack power +4,initiative +3%, caravan get ambushed has -1 morale, gold looted from caravan +50%

snow day, map travel speed -50%, thieve guild ambush morale -1, initiative -3%, mercenary gold offer +50%, element drop chance +20%

These are the only thoughts from my mind, what do you all think?
Ain't this what astrologers days are for?

-1 anyway, I find them too much too complex and for no reason.
Why would I want a +50% at map travel speed when I pay 50K every month since lvl 6 for ABC and there is an instant travel astrologers day for the opposite or reduce my hard worked initiative for example?
It can be actually good if added on 'Day of .. ' bonus rather than a separate new system.
Exactly: Its too similar to the "Days of ..." Bonus Days we have already.
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