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AuthorHero on the Battlefield
Much like Watchers' Guild fights or AG battles where an enemy leader is on the field, the players might find it very appealing to be able to walk the battlefield themselves rather than always sitting on the sidelines.

This addition would open the door for new skills, equipment, and styles of gameplay. Training heroes to use new abilities. Items that heroes can carry which provide buffs to nearby units. Potions or healing items the hero can consume while fighting or give to friendly units, but costs a turn to use and costs gold to buy those potions (which can come from new content). Then a new guild where you make or discover those consumables and equipment... you get the idea.
play Heroes IV and you'll realize how bad idea this is

What goes on in that game? You sound like you know something I might not, feel free to be more specific.
feel free to be more specific
I should learn to use this phrase in the workplace.
for chakkal2001:
I played Heroes IV a lot
what makes the game not good as 3 or 5 in not that you can play with the hero
it's just a lot of things
the game has changed a lot after Heroes III
I mean even the battlefield camera was awful and the idea of building 1 of 2 units
and some other things
I also didn't like heroes 4 and another guild is the last thing we need right now.
@calamity why didn't you like Heroes 4?

And what I suggested could easily come without a guild, if that makes you happier. I just mentioned a new guild as a possibility.

Yeah, more specific feedback would be better. One game being bad doesn't make a whole idea bad. As FearMyArmy has said, there could be many other things wrong with that game which are totally unrelated.
another guild is the last thing we need right now
that <3
When we play CG 2 vs 2 after level 14 there is already no space for your army .

And yeah both 4 and 6 was bad , at least for me . Admins sticking to 5 is good, i believe 5 is the best from (3rd was awesome as well)
You'd have to ask the admins, but a Tactical Guild that unlocks extra troop placement slots (using a scrollbar for more space) and also allows your hero more actions (including traversing the battlefield) could be an interesting idea.

They've already kind of done it with WG and AG. Enemy heroes are on the field, why not friendly ones?
Extra slots to split your troops would probably be a significant battle advantage worthy of a new guild. Mostly at higher levels, though. Could be CL restricted like CG is.
@calamity why didn't you like Heroes 4?

Because it makes it a different game than what it is.
I was am and always be a big fan of the 3rd. :)

They've already kind of done it with WG and AG. Enemy heroes are on the field, why not friendly ones?

Where did you see that?
If you mean ambush/brigand type of battles, we all can be in the center of the field.
No lol. I mean where the enemy hero has 455 HP and fights in the center. Have you played campaigns or Watcher's guild?

I don't know what Heroes 4 is... explain more please. "Makes it a different game," what does that mean?
I have play a few, those are bosses under heroes not heroes.

That's a big discussion and not the place for it, better ask at clan chat. :)
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