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AuthorDiamonds with debit
I've already purchased diamonds a bunch of times but dont remember ever having this problem, when you go to donate, you type in maestra and it takes you to where you fill out your card info.. it has 3 lines the top is for your card number then under it is your cards exp date, and under that is the card holder and off in the corner you put ur security code.. but on the second row to the right of the exp date theres a blank box and I have no idea what to put in there, it wont let me leave it blank and it doesnt tell me what to fill in
Have you got a picture?
How do I post it on this?
You can download the lightshot app and use that. or upload the picture to something like imgur and share the link
I dont wanna do all that, it's fine QATC
Which country did you select?
United States
My guess is zip code.
Alternatively, you can select your country as Russia, then you should see Maestro in the list.
Make sure you do NOT type and search for Maestro. Click on Maestro in the list.
When entering no. of diamonds, select your currency as USD (or RUB or EUR)
Thank you
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