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[Buy][Weapons for CL14][I12E12A12W12F12]

Author[Buy][Weapons for CL14][I12E12A12W12F12]
I will buy
bow of light 5x12%
bow of midnight still 5x12%
mithrill dagger 5x12%

Price depends on durability, my offer will be based on price of making new item minus cost of deterioration in duraility, this will be checked on the cpb calculator.

I will also consider buying 5x10% bow if price is really good. If the thread is open, it means that I am still looking for it. So please send your offer also when you see this thread marked as obsolete.

I can also offer exchange of your bow for MG elements if that suits you more so you can enchant another weapon with it.
Examples of prices for max dura 5x 12%
Bow of light 85/85 - 600k
Bow of midnight 85/85 - 550k
Mithrill dagger 75/75 - 550k
closed by Elrond (2019-06-27 20:22:54)
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