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AuthorUnplayable build
Player https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4435252
He wears the worst items, check his talents, he wants enemies to win with such a nice build. Check his battlechats, all russian players can't talk with him and just tell him that he is a noob in EVERY combat.
This is his build on a screenshot. He doesn't want to play in CG, he wants to make his allies lose!
Ohh my, i wonder why he doesn't reply when every russian player calls him a noob in every combat.
Just maybe
You can play duels.
If you are so annoyed by the noob-behaviour of your teammates.

Oh and incase you thought what im saying is irrelevant to the topic/ forum, no, it's not.
I'm just saying your post is invalid.
He is not violating any of the game rules.
The fact that the game allows builds that are unplayable are a part of the game.
russian player calls him a noob

Im not Russian , but i would can him noob as well so need to devide people in nations, no offence but at least do your homework before go CG .

Or get burnt 1st couple of times and learn from your mistakes !
for grif:
grif you missing the whole point. Regis is not raising an issue of "being called noob".

Regis is right, you are free to try whatever built you want to, if you have a problem then chose your teammate before joining or play duels.
It's a pretty clean strategy to be honest.
Start noob --> Dissapoint your teammates --> Have helpful teammates show you how it's done --> Get GOOD --> Abuse those who are one step behind you on the ladder --> Discourage others from catching up.
Don't know how no one ever thought of it before, real original. Well played.
I personally know this guy Boozy Bosco.. We must have played pvp together in the old .com days before the merger.

He may seem like a noob but thats not entirely true. The main thing is that his character is old and didn't put in effort to catch up to today's standards. IMO he's still trying to make things work by experimenting instead of restarting as a new char. I know this can be annoying, but i sympathize with him completely. After all, when the merger happened most of us from .com server found ourselves to be weak but ended up where we are now slowly with the system helping us boost our fsp gains.
I wonder wy he does not respond to flaming russians, this is in his bio :
''I speak english and German''
I agree with grif

He must have tried around 100 battles in this build, he can judge his own winrate , it's obvious that the build is useless
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