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New class: "snow dwarfs" :) (or another name)

AuthorNew class: "snow dwarfs" :) (or another name)
Hmmm could this work?

New class: snow elf :)

-special raical ability-
Lords troops take (CL+FSL)% less elemental damage. Troops also lose 50% less armor from effect and spell reduction.

-special talent-
Lords water element spells deal 200% damage for 200% mana

-Frontliners- (Large shield, shield alies)
-Mountain guards- (shooter, no melle penalty, no range penalty)
-Bear warriors- (large creature, fullmetal, hold ground, paw knock, broad attack)
-Renagonists- (immune to blind, immune to mind effects, unruly, immune to magic 30%)
-Ice patriahts- (shooter, caster, starfire)
(spells: ice ring, summon water elemental*)
(ice ring spell damage N*15)
(summon water elemental number N*3)
*elemental takes half of lords attack and defense parameter
-Omegot- (large creature, retribution strike, mist, teleportation)
(mist- an unit can cast this ability only once in game. Creates a field 3x3 witch deals no damage, but any unit in that field can't shoot, attack, and use spells.
This is a blind effect and lasts N*0.1 turn (N-number of creatures in stack))
-Snow dragon- (large creature, dragon breath, aura of water weakness 50%, immune to magic)

Maybe it's not so bad :)
wizard next please :)
and why do none of the creatures water immune or immune to ice clod?
Seems pretty broken if you ask me (paw knock and broad attack? Really?)
I think I will take fire clan dwarves instead ;P
*fire clan* but all blue ;P
fire clan* but all blue ;P

Ikr >.<
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