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New class: "force wizard" :) (or another name)

AuthorNew class: "force wizard" :) (or another name)
Long time since I did this ;)

~Force wizard~

- special raical ability -

Lord doesn't have access Magic guild. He gets its own spells on level lvl 5, 10, 15.

-special talent-
Lord can cast "lode coated" and "fullmetal" on its own troop. Lasts one turn. Costs 5 mana.

- special raical spells -

Lvl 5:
- Raise stone - raises a stone from the ground for 1 turn that covers 1 empty title. It has 100+30*CL= HP.
- Mass wasp swarm - does 20+20*(CL-5)+SP*8 damage on a 3x3 field and backs them up by 0.2 atb scale.

Lvl 10:
- stone spike - does 15+18*SP damage on an 2x2 field.
- blooming ground - creates a 2x2 bush that makes ally units invisible and get 50% range resistance.

Lvl 15:

- raise wall - creates a 1x3 free title wall on map. The wall has 50+50*CL= HP. (press shift to make it horizontall)
- raise roots - creates a field of roots on a 4x4 area that lowers everyones speed to 0. Troops take 15% more elemental damage.

- Units -

-Gremlin builders - (shooter, builder)
(builder- unit can heal 4*N hp of an other unit, and can overheal)

-Statue gargoyle- (elemental, flyer, immune to air, magic shield 50%)

-Mountain golems- (elemenal, immune to earth, attracts air, magic shield 60%, immune to poison)
(attracts air- this unit steals all damage from air elemental spell casted around him)

-Forrest wizards- (shooter, caster, no range penalty, piercing shoot)
(spells- magic punch (10+12*N damage), earth spike (10+6*N damage))

-Dune genies- (flyer, large creature, earth strike, ignore defense 30%, range awoidance 40%)
(earth strike- deals bonus 5 damage for each unit in this stack)
(range awoidance 40%- takes 40% less range damage)

-Cave guardians- (large creature, whirllwind, magic shield 40%)

-Ancestors- (large creature, ignore defence 40%, immune to magic)
I'd hate to be a chaos Mage against this :)
The spell are legit yo. Particularly the stone and blooming ground.
Well its still a wizard... You can play might, magic or defense with him
Wow I actually love this one :D
Wow I actually love this one :D

Thanks man
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