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Any web/TV series suggestions ??


AuthorAny web/TV series suggestions ??
i have watched GOT , walking dead , iron fist (yeah sadly) and Big bang theory, How i met your mother too

anything with action and killings less romance (++ if no romance at all)
The protector!
Daredevil has very good action
No romance, what's wrong with you.

I particularly like sense8

But if action and killings is your thing, the the 100
The Wire
The Sopranos
Boardwalk Empire
Masters of Horror
Daredevil has very good action

I liked it too. Good recommendation.

I stay away from romance genre too, but i also don't like very heavy action so its hard to recommend something. I would say you should definitely watch Vikings though. Its really good, enough so i couldn't stop watching it after my cousin made me watch it. It should be on amazon prime video, that's where i watched it. You might have to pay for the last 1 or 2 seasons though, but its so worth it :)

Another one, I watched last weekend called The commuter. Not a series, its a thriller film but you should give it a try.
If you like comedy,
Shameless, Californication, The Office, Brooklynn 99 are one of my favs. Rick and morty - if you like animated.

And all time fav series -
Fargo, The Wire, BB, GoT. And especially Chernobyl.

For superhero - Punisher and Daredevil were my favs.

If you like anime, then there's whole new list of that :D
I recently started watching them.. lovin it.
Chernobyl was damn creepy....
Chernobyl is amazing for a real life series
The last ship has amazing story and cinematography
Boston legal is really good if you're 18+ and like law comedy
Friends is a good sitcom to waste time on
if you like killing watch punisher

Supernatural is great, with 14 seasons and each season has around 20 episodes (It's about 2 brothers fighting the supernatural creatures, demons and angels and much more).

Vikings. Great series!

Breaking Bad one of the greatest series of all time (Why didn't you watch it yet bruh?)

Or One Piece my favorite Anime of all time.
Breaking Bad
Two and a half men
Doom Patrol
Try Punisher and banshee :D
Breaking Bad one of the greatest series of all time (Why didn't you watch it yet bruh?)

After seeing someone so excited i guess i will go for this one first and then

The protector!

Brooklynn 99

Oh i forgot to add i have watched Brooklynn 99 and Lucifer aswell
Someone told me future man was good

Def check out Into the Badlands
I really enjoyed the TV show "Russian doll"

Also Stranger things season 3 is starting soon
I really enjoyed the TV show "Russian doll"

I decided to google that one. It has the actor from another good TV show called Orange is the new black.
Homeland. Must see Homeland. And of course Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch as the great detective.
I would suggest

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