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Let us use Leadership, as a Value to modify our Armies (Lord Faction Armies)

AuthorLet us use Leadership, as a Value to modify our Armies (Lord Faction Armies)
pew pew pew
Im back, and with me, my sometimes good/bad/FreakingIncrediblyAwesome suggestions... xD

Okay, seriously now:
I've always wondered, in LWM, that why was it that we are always "Forced" to have "X" amount of a specific Creature.
(For instance, at my CL, I'm both "Allowed" AND "Forced", to have 30+ Dreadlords/Vamp Counts).

> Here we go:
Why dont just give me, like 100K Leadership at my CL (15), to have any mixed combination of the Necromancer units... That I truly want?

Like, I could choose to spread that 100K Leadership THE WAY I WANTED, and not be Forced to "X" amount of Vampires, Skeletons, and so on.

I can have the option to have 206 Dreadlords (Used calculator xD 100K Leadership/485Leadersh cost of a Dread), and NOT get anything else.
Or I can have "X" Skeletons, "Y" Dreads, "Z" SkeleDragons...

(Im using Caps as to "highlight" btw, since there is no "Bold" option in this forum... meaning Im not "Screaming" XD)

> Also, a side-effect of this (positive one!), would be that this'd lead to MORE CHOICES/OPTIONS AND BUILDS !!!
Since with my 100K Leadership, I can come up with SO MANY COMBOS, and not being so Limited like we are now.

PS: I just said the 100K Leadership at my CL (15) as an example, I made up/invented that number as I was writing, Tbh.
I dont play Leader Guild that much (You can see Im not LeG 1 even), so IDK.

>>> It would be WAY easier to "BALANCE" Factions from one another, I think.
Admins would just have to up/down Leadership Costs.
Since Leadership, from what I felt or understood, is an indicator/value of the "power" of a unit?

Tell me watcha think.
The Suggestions I make are honest and serious Btw xD
Not really good I think, just look at the power of a skeleton legionare in LeG and in normal setup.
Even in leaders guild you can't spent all your "100K" points in one unit, they have a limit too.
When LG came out, There were no limits on the ammount of leadership you can spend on one unit. I remmember using one stack of fairies and decimating enemies. The first person to get dreadbanes took 5 of them (It was a lot back in LG1) and did battles without any casualities. Limits are there for a reason. Also glad to have you back buddy PEW PEW
At lvl15 these are the total leadership values of some example factions total recruitable numbers

Classic wizard 104850 (88379 with max gargs, genies, sphynx and giant, rest lores)

Bw wizard 83954 (61100 with max gremlins, magi, genies, sphynx and giants)

Holy knight 189225 (150642 with max wardens, griffins, cavalry and angels, rest crusaders then monks)

Charmer elf 107543 (73376 with max fbs, sharps, unicorns, trees and dragons, rest druids)

I guess this shows that having a set leadership score per combat level would be a serious debuff to certain factions and a large buff to others, surprising to see how accurate your 100k was though! :) maybe if the leadership was balanced for factions so maybe at lvl15 wizard could take 90k as they chose with no stack more than 40% but charmer only gets 75k then i could see it working quite well :)
-1, significant disadvantage to those who have diamond upgrades.
5# Oh wow, okay, you totally killed me there, Wp Tbh.

I thought all the army unit quantities were made in relation to Leadership...
But apparently not?
Or some sort of Parameter that measures the Value of units...

Imho then, the issue is with Leadership quantity of every unit being set wrong.
Because if the Values were OK, putting 100K (For instance) in all armies should make them "balanced" simply, if Leadership reflecs the "Power/Strenght" of a unit from what I know...

for Meshy: not really a problem, its just a reduced advantage and would help the game balance. If you could take 16 brilliant unicorns instead of 20 normal unicorns then im sure youd still take it, but the battle isnt decided fully before it starts.

for Ipsen:
I actually really like the idea, its just that either leadership shouldnt be used and a new scoring system for troops that makes each faction close to same total amount, or each faction gets a different total of leadership to choose from. I forgot to take rally off the charmer elf, so maybe they should get to choose 70k leadership, and rally increases by 5k?

I guess the problem is that leadership just looks at the individual power of the unit itself such as treefolk, but in the charmer faction it has a reduced recruit count compared to classic because of the racial ability of the charmer, where the survivability offered by more treefolk would make them too powerful. However i like the idea you suggested because this would allow charmer to recruit more treefolk and survive longer, but would reduce their damage dealing units recruit and so they would gain less spell power to balance.

Would need carefully balancing and added restrictions maybe once added but definitely i like the idea :)
If you could take 16 brilliant unicorns instead of 20 normal unicorns

Yes, but this doesnt stop it being a disadvantage from what it was previously. If admins decided to suddenly reduce the number of upgraded horses people could take by 20% then there would be outrage.
This is just a different game, they made a mini game in it, that doesn't mean to change the whole game.

I am against in any idea that suggests to change the main core of the game or the graffics, the game is that, you either like it or not.
The center of my suggestion is that:

IDK why Im "Forced" to have 30+ Dreadlords with 60+ Ghosts...
Just because Admins decided so? I mean.

Why not find a way, to allow players, to choose a "mix" of their troops?

Like yes, Tribals (For instance) can choose to Max Centaurs or Max Goblins...
Or Dwarves can choose to Max Spearmen, or Berzerker...
But the "Diversity" is pretty much an "Illusion", because you get to a point where you cant continue anymore.
Like there is a Cap/treshhold, at which you must stop.

Just that.
And I simply found Leadership as a way to remove this thing I mention happens.
(But yes, Merlin36 proved Leadership is not a clear indicator).

Armies are balanced in consideration with racial abilities, class talents, available magic schools, synergy with spellcaster units, etc. You can't just suggest a mix and match based on leadership values without ruining every last bit of balance left in the game simply for the sake of arguable diversity. It might be okay for temporary yoloing event though (but we already have that with mirror event and portal event).
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