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Capture the Flag - battle mode

AuthorCapture the Flag - battle mode
(In case you havent checked the Idea I posted half an hour ago, do so before you read this one! <<<--- For this is a major issue.

So, I'd be surprised if it hasnt been suggested already, but who knows.
In any case, soz if it's already been.
Here we go:

>I suggest a battle mode, whose goal is not to Destroy the opponent, but to catch/pick up the Flag in the middle with whatever your unit, and make it walk back to a specific spot, in your side of battleground.

Seems simple, but I'd bet many players would focus on killing enemy units, and not kill the one who has the Flag, and is running away with it, Lol.

You could do this both in a 1vs1, and maybe 2vs2 in the "X" shaped battleground we used sometimes (The ones with with Walls you can break, and so on).

I repeat Btw, just a unit has to walk to a tile in the middle, and walk back to your side of battleground.

You could put this as a new Mode, with a Guild for it (But maybe there are too many Guilds already), put it into Commanders Guild...
... Or simply put it in an event, with Imperial parts as Rewards... Lol.

>>>>>>> Btw...
1) Agility Rune for Dwarves, would be Banned for this Mode. (LMAO Imagine... xD)
2) Same for "Transporter" Ability from Barbarian Rocs >:)
3) Maybe also "Teleport" Spell from Light Magicks? Still would force the hero to get many SP (Spell power), and enemy could just Sweep you due to Stat difference in Atk and Defense.

Just imagine the Strategies you could do, man.
Seems "simple", but truly not really.
- You can just gather your troops near the Flag spot, and wait for enemy to go in, and destroy him, then chill/relaxed pick it up when enemy dead from your Bait.
- Get my beloved Firewall Build, and spam Firewalls in enemy's way to the Flag, so he gets damaged through it (He'd have to step on it Twice, x1 on way to it, and x1 on way back), while you quietly pick it up and retreat.
- Use a Treefolk to root the enemy with the Flag.
- And so on.

Maybe the battleground should be VERY VERY big, for this mode to be fun.
Otherwise a DE would just pick Shrews and laugh "Cya gg ez :D" (Or not, enemy would hit you before your next turn... but w/e, you get my point).

Last ideas I got before finishing the post:
1) Oh, and maybe every match could consist of 3 points, or so.
Boring if it ends with only 1 point scored.
give me the enemy time to react and think for next, I guess.
2) The "theme" of the Event could be a """"Sport""" Event in the Capital? Lmao.
Because the idea of it being a Sport in the game Lore just came to my mind... xD
+1 just beacuse of your imagination :)
This sounds pretty awesome. I would prefer it as a event.
But should be with an additional point.

Example. Shrews go and take the flag.
Now for another one turn, the shrews can't move.
Reason being. If they do, the battle will be over in few turns itself.

So the other opponent should also have a chance to take the flag and destroy the opponent
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