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Abandon battle/ surrender fight in PVE

AuthorAbandon battle/ surrender fight in PVE
Why we need it?
Because sometimes fights are painfully long or unwinnable, or maybe you just entered the fight due to a misclick.

For example, recently a guy we know by Miles entered a hunt by mistake but he couldn't surrender the fight because it's a function we don't have by default.

Another example that inspired this idea-

I know some of us believe in the idea "thou shalt not give up" but sometimes we need just that little but of convenience to save our most precious time.. and not have to wait 10 hours like Miles would have.
We already have it for WG, might be useful for the other PVE battles too.

Its a simple idea with simple benefit. But perhaps a bit that can be controversial is that we could have arts not lose dura if fights were surrendered before any action taken/exp gained? Now i leave it to your discussion.
You know what's better?
Abandon battle/surrender fight in pvp;
I happen to afk alteast once every 5 2v2 battles if it seems like it's gonna be a pain to play out. [Terrible teammate, etc. ]
This will save us all a lot of time.
+10 for post no. 1
for The One Ring:
Seems a bit like selfish. This will leave your partner to 1v2. No point to play for him then. And if this happens continuously with someone having a weak guilds, he may even loose intrest from PvPs.
+1 for VV

-1 for selfish and terible afk ones who do kill the game mood.

Similar issues which be resolved by this change.
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