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AuthorMy battle started without a single troop :(
shouldnt there be a check to stop if full army is not recruited...

Were you at dragon caves?
i am in empires capital then and now :(
IIRC, PvP and ST battles have a troops count check (save when you are ambushed) but otherwise the only check is whether you have the minimum AP requirements.
Nope, troop count check is present in hunts too.
for elven_blade:
I think it was a glitch. Did your arts wear out?
i have no idea if arts wore out :(
probably admins can tellme if arts wore out etc...
I also having combat problems, ie cannot move and stick shooters or shrews,
cannot view stats, enemies or my own, cannot even chat properly.
So, I intentionally tried an AG fight with 0 troops


My dura art didn't go down. Weird the game still lets me go through though.
Sorry. small correction. Dura art did go down. My bad
this is blasphemy, this is a sin. No Troops and arts going down...
Just a way to cheat us of our hard earned money, but its a bug that will be corrected and a check put in AD to not start with no/min troops i hope...
What I'm more surprised about is that fact in his combat log it doesn't show up...
for Meshy: The battle is showing up in my combat log.
Yes, that's why it's surprising me :)
So will this battle arts get restored and a check put so that such battles dont start without troops in AG.?
You will not be reimbursed for arts lost in this fight. Hopefully admins will see this problem and fix it so that it doesn't happen in the future. You can report the issue in the "Combat problems" forum: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_thread.php?id=109
Can this thread be shifted to Combat Problems then please
thank you.
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Combat problems".
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