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Custom sort options for LeG troops

AuthorCustom sort options for LeG troops
I have too many troops right now, and it's a hassle to find the ones I'm looking for.

Right now, we have sorts based on faction.
It would be great if we had more options here

Like, search based on ability (get all shooters or get all casters), and among them, sort by leadership cost etc.

Or, we could have the option of manually tagging all creatures ourself for future use, and then get all troops under a certain tag.
Like, I could put swords, zombines etc. under the tag of "Tanks", and get a list of all tanks with a single click.

Would make it a lot more convenient.
for The One Ring:
More like tier aswell.
With all those additions they should add this and the ability to save more than one set of troops asap.
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