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Phoenixes infinite respawn (but invisible)

AuthorPhoenixes infinite respawn (but invisible)
Phoenix & sharpshoot (Watchers Guild) -- phoenixes endlessly and invisbily respawn over and over until the battle is lost...

Phoenix have 100% rebirth ability which means they resurrect once per battle if they get killed.
Only the one stack was killed once and was resurrected as it should, you never killed the 2nd one and there was no endless resurrections for sure.

I would had concentrate to each stack at the time till they are sure gone than hitting both.
Sorry, they where both killed once but only one was killed twice.
Look again. Both stacks were killed multiple times. Once both stacks were killed twice, they disappeared from the field and initiative bar, but the battle continued.
I watched it more than 5 times and all I see is that you kill once the 1st stack, they reborn, and then you kill the 2nd stack and they also reborn as they should.
Then you totally kill the 2nd stack and you get killed by the 1st stack, log also has 2 different reborn in it, sorry but no matter how many times I watch it this is what I always see.
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Friends who use html5 see what you see, I still use flash and see the battle goes normal, must be an html5 thing, excuse me for I still see that battle normal. :)
View battle in HTML.

First death/resurrection of the first stack here: https://prnt.sc/phqehv
After second death of the first stack, hereís the first death/resurrection of the second stack: https://snipboard.io/KWFIzA.jpg

And after the second death of the second stack, the sharpshooters are finished off here: https://snipboard.io/yuPfzH.jpg

In this shot, there are no enemy creatures on the board or on the initiative bar, and the battle should be over ó but isnít: https://snipboard.io/yuPfzH.jpg
Yeah, there's 2 stacks of invisible pheonixes :o
Must be a html thing if calamity can't see it.
This is what I see: https://prnt.sc/phwo0x

Another thing I noticed from exchanging screenshots yesterday with my friends is that the field is also different in the flash version.
It is sure something with the html5, my friends where on the phone so I'm not sure if it is also a mobile thing, I use pc and all display good.
The battle was bugged since start

When a Phoenix stack dies it respawns 100% , which in your case was just 10% of the original stack i.e just 1 creature , where as it should have been 10
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