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AuthorHow to counter Fire Dwarf?
Factions and tactics people!
Fireproof can work
Wait until it gets nerfed :)
Fight fire with fire
So is there any faction who can go head to head with FD?
Might Elf, Might DE, Classic Might Wiz with Fireproof have had good results against FD
Is this uniform at all levels?

A tricky thing is should I consider a might wiz with fireproof for the tournie, while it may give a chance against Fire dwarf, how much it then lowers chances against other factions is then also a factor. As it stands, I'm just not very sure and will likely sit it out till things calm down.
for Lord MilesTeg:
I won't worry about other factions atm. You might end up 90% of chance fighting those pesky FDs.
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