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AuthorBest economical arts set for AG battles as Elf
Which is the best economical arts set for AG battles as Elf?

Thanks in advance
Which campaigns? The first two you mean, Or all campaigns?
for merlin36: First two
I use these arts at cl14->
Great leader sword+Robber helmet+Great dungeon armor+Great dungeon boots+Minor amluet of dungeons+Robber bow+Robber knife+Cave Crystal+2xRoS

I was lucky to find these arts with a total cpb around 2200.
I hope it was helpful =)
All the campaigns mate.. I tried with shop arts plus 2 or 3 rare arts But i find it very difficult to win .
Don't just go for any rare art. Try to get set bonus.
For eg: Having 4 dungeon arts will give you +6 attack and 40% magic shield. :)
Yeah the dungeon set arts are a good place to start :)
for Botmun: yea that looks good. I will give it a try. Thanks mate.
for Galabar:
Robbers or stalker cloak is good addition.
for latviesu lords:
He asked arts for elf. Bow is better :(
for Botmun:
Not always.
for latviesu lords:
Maybe you are correct. But I would never wear cloak while playing as elf except 1vs1 PvP battles.
Maybe I am wrong. I am a noob you know. :P
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