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Authorleader's guild
i want to raise this guild a little, but i want just with autocombat.

I need some advice - what army can handle ? - with as few losses as possible ?
most 1 LG point battles can be won with using common troops (grey background) which guarantees less loss (in terms of gold) but the downside is using up these troops means it takes longer to exchange common for uncommon troops.

OTOH, once you get a few good uncommon troops for LeG and keep farming common troops. But each battle might result in loss of gold and complete defeat could go upwards of 1k.

So, it's a trade-off you have to choose. If you have a lot of gold to burn, then you could use uncommon/rares to build up the guild.
I just realized you're LG 6 XD. My bad. Most of the advice would be redundant then.

I guess you could use a combination of Poltergeists and Royal Grifs. The jump and attack technique should help you reduce losses and take out range units.
i will try this setup

i do only 1 point battles, but sometimes i lose more than 1000 gold. It seems too much, so i need a build with 5-600 gold lost/battle.
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