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AuthorBlock my friend Lord Anatema
I am asking for help in unlocking Lord Anatema. He was imprisoned a few days ago for no reason. (I got a warning that I break the rules, I don't know why) In the link to the game post he asked why he was imprisoned? Instead of answering, his account was blocked. Is there anyone I could write to in this case or appeal the decision? Thanks in advance
link to the blocked character

Translate penalty description from Russian to English and you will find out that the block is for shared account management. If you log in from same IP, it is better not to make any transfers between each other, accounts which share IP should be noted in profile description. As you also got a warning, watch out and follow extra precautions.
Most of your military clan accounts have been recently jailed, warned or blocked for password transfer/mutual account management so better take it seriously to save remaining accounts.
You were given a warning and then a permanent block on that account. You can try to appeal, but you're just wasting your time.
English instructions are provided.
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