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Happy Hunting!
Translate the announcement bunnie :p
I'm confused why the battles are duplicated in 3 of increasing difficulty.
All Heroes from the 5th combat level are allowed to participate in artifacts from the store, modifiers do not work;
- battles are held in the format of 1 Hero with his army against a group of neutral creatures;
- increased magic damage in the fraction of magicians does not work;
- the hunter is provided with a map with marked targets of varying difficulty, the goals are the same for all Heroes of the same combat level, faction and class;
- On the first day, you can fight the first 10 goals in any order.Every next day 10 more goals will become available.In order to attack the goals of a new day, you need to defeat all the goals of the past day.A total of 60 goals will be available;
- for successful elimination of goals, you can getpoints from the Hunters Guild, creature artifacts, hunter artifacts and gold;
- the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward and the more points the Hero will receive.The reward for one goal is not cumulative.Passing weaker difficulties, the reward for the stronger ones will decrease;
-the hunting season will last only 8 days, until December 5, inclusive;
-Heroes who eliminate 50 goals will be awarded the blessing of Abu Bekr for 15 days;
-Successful battle clans and Heroes who distinguished themselves in them will be especially awarded.Rewarding will be based on the final rating of the clans, where the final result will be equal to the sum of the points earned for the clan by all Heroes of the clan (if the Hero changes the clan, then there will be an opportunity to re-gain points);
- thereward will be received by all unblocked Heroes of successful battle clans if they bring the clan at least 15 points;
- if the Hero leaves / is excluded from the battle clan, then the clan loses all the points accumulated by the Hero for this clan; upon re-entry, the points will be returned;
- leaving the clan on the last day of the event will be prohibited;
- admission to battle clans during the event is limited to 3 heroes per day;
Is there really no special art? Disappointing
I wonder if we get the day bonus in these battles today as well?
Is there really no special art? Disappointing

All Heroes with more than 15 points will receive an achievement in character information and a captured artifact of the forest, the strength of which depends on the points scored. There will be no additional rewards not specified in this news.
Not 100% sure on this with the translation. To get max points are you expected to beat all levels, or are you just meant to beat the highest level? I think this is one of those days where it is worthwhile playing around with which faction for each level, as you get a different enemy for each, and inevitably some are easier combinations than others.
To get the highest score, beating the Highest level makes sense
YEah, you just need to beat the highest level to get credit for all those below it, which is as it should be, just didn;t know till I tried.
This is most annoying event i have ever played. I really hate it.
Especially dont like how wizard hunt bonus is disabled, I mean like I have no idea how to judge whether I can beat a hunt in a might set up because guess what? Thats not at all how wizard is normally playing a hunt, it makes no sense why its taken off when the creature count is set per class anyway
for Marquis Thornwald:

Goddamnit, i am just blind.
I was in fact thinking, about forest arts
No you're not. It was in the bits that Bunnie did not translate ;)
Just to confirm we are still getting dark boots part, got one after the 10th win
Hope the difficulty rises. Or everyone will end up with same dura forest art, and prices will stay low.
After i switched to TDE things became easy.
If you own wizard castle, i suggest trying out holy wizard. At cl 15 it did extremely well against opponents with low ranged power or high tier units
I hope it's forest bow this time )
I hope it's forest bow this time )

I think itll be a new art, no?
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