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Goblin idea for new tribal :)

AuthorGoblin idea for new tribal :)
Fire Dwarf has been released and I guess tribal is next (maybe my grandchild will play it someday)

Units for new tribal have been shown but 2 were left unknown.

Goblin Bombers!
(shooter, cowardnesse, melle penalty, bomber)
*bomber- unit has ability to put a bomb on any title and on his next turn it will explode dealing some damage*

At 200 spirit:
+2 hp, *smoke bomb* ability
*smoke bomb* - gains ability to create smoke on a 2x2 field reducing range attack damage from any unit on that field

At 500 spirit:
+3 attack, +2 defence

At 1000 spirit:

+3 hp, *fiery projectile* ability
*fiery projectile*- already explained but "when dealing range damage it sets target on fire making it take fire damage for 2 turns"

Maybe tribal could use this?
How about goblin diggers?
3 attack 1 defense damage 2-4
Speed 7
Initiative 10

Abilities : dig, shovel shot

*dig*- the troop digs underneath the battlefield and reaches the required tile. Any enemy troop crossing the already dug burrow travels 1 tile less unless flyer or teleporter.
If dig is used to move and attack then it gets 5% ignore defense for each tile it covers underground.

*shovel shot* - the troop can throw the shovel like a javelin at any enemy troop once per combat but loses the ability to attack (unless it has more shovels). The shot does 300% damage of base attack.

With tribal spirit level 1: it gets extra +1 speed
With tribal spirit level 2 : it gets an extra javelin
With tribal spirit level 3: it gets two extra Shovels to throw or use for normal melee attack
Wow thats a nasty idea :D
Tho if you use up all of your shovels and get down to 999 spirit, and then return to 1000 again, will you get more shovels?
Haha terms and conditions applied. Once you get it you’re done ;)
Secondly , the burrow is applicable only for the past move

That is, if I dig a burrow to get my goblin to some place and then later moves somewhere else, then the first burrow won’t be there. Only the latest burrow will be there on the map.

So with each move you make the burrow changes, this can be used pretty strategically against other creatures with ignore defence per tile ability

I can reach my tribal goblin to other side of the map and if not hit again move laterally in front of shrews to give it only 7 speed. And like goblin trapper’a trap , the burrow route is only visible to the tribal hero and the ally. So it’s all chance again , instead of stopping at a full stop, it reduces your tile by 1 so that can make a loooot of difference! Go figure :)
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