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Author[Event] Portal of Time
The last experiment conducted by Abu Bekr with time crystals ended in a very unexpected discovery. So what did the real magician see when he looked beyond the bounds of space and time? As soon as the magician only for a moment reproduce in memory the very picture, an avalanche of chaotic feelings and thoughts instantly covered his mind, interfering with sound logic. If his eyes really didnt deceive him, this fact could destroy many basic postulates, turning into centuries-old scientific works of the community of magicians. Is it worth it - Abu Bekr was not yet sure. How he was not sure about exactly how best to dispose of the acquired knowledge. However, the main thing in this business is to start, and there already time will put everything in its place.

Heroes, the court magician Abu Bekr announces the opening of a new portal of time! Anyone from the 5th combat level can join a scientific expedition into the past to protect it from aggression by local inhabitants. The main thing is to remember that traveling to the past can have fatal consequences in the future, and try not to make mistakes!

Features of the time portal:
1) A trip to the past can be made by all Heroes from the 5th combat level in artifacts from the store. Modifiers do not work;
2) The selected skills, abilities and abilities of the factions do not work, and you cant take your army into battle and use learned spells;
3) In battle, you can recruit creatures only for time crystals. The minimum required for passing through the portal 250 crystals will be given out to everyone;
4) Creatures in the army can be combined in any way, while they can belong to one faction or to different. Their availability is determined by the presence of appropriate improvements over time crystals;
5) When recruiting creatures from various factions, the morale decreases in units, but the construction of the Hall of Unity avoids this penalty;
6) To unlock magic spells, it is necessary to make a corresponding improvement of the portal. At the same time, all spells of all schools are opened at the maximum level.

Combat training and expedition objectives:
1) Fights with defenders of the past will take place in a 2 by 2 format;
2) For defeating the enemy, you can get artifacts of creatures, elements of a guild of mercenaries, artifacts with reduced strength, as well as a certain amount of time crystals;
3) The number of crystals obtained depends on the level of difficulty of the battle. Initially, five difficulty levels are available: from 1 to 5 - you can start from any. When passing the 5th level, the hero will have access to 10 difficulty levels - from 1 to 10. When passing the 10th level, the hero will have access to levels from 5 to 15, etc .;
4) During the entire campaign, you can win only 3 victories at the same level;
5) For each victory, Heroes will receive a +1 point of the Hunters Guild;
6) The favorable location of stars in the sky will last only 8 days until March 27, inclusive (+3 days at the end of the battle, until March 30 inclusive);
7) Abu Bekr guarantees the return of all Heroes from the past, but imposes a restriction on 10 trips per day. Attempts are accumulating (the maximum number of fights is 80);
8) The Empire will generously reward Heroes with the highest number of crystals.

And in order to emphasize the special importance of this expedition, the personal successes of each Hero will be further encouraged by parts of a special artifact - the Helmet of Darkness:

for victory at the 10th difficulty level: +1 part;
for victory at the 20th difficulty level: +3 parts;
for victory at the 30th difficulty level: +4 parts;
for victory at the 40th difficulty level: +5 parts;
for victory at the 50th difficulty level: +8 parts;

as well as up to 30 parts based on the results of the award, taking into account the personal contribution of each to the success of the expedition.

A full-fledged artifact will be collected automatically in the presence of 100 parts. This a
This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rental, but can be transferred for repair or for installation of modifiers.

Successful battle clans and Heroes who distinguished themselves in them will be especially awarded. Awarding will be carried out on the basis of the final rating of clans, where the final result will be equal to the sum of the received crystals in clan applications.
- The reward will be given to all unlocked Heroes of successful battle clans if they bring the clan at least 400 points!
- If the Hero leaves / is excluded from the battle clan, then the clan loses all the points accumulated by the Hero for this clan; upon re-entry, the points will be returned;
- Leaving the clan on the last day of the event will be prohibited;
- Admission to battle clans during the event is limited to 3 heroes per day;

Successful battles with the defenders of the past!

Translated from : https://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=2763534
I wonder what's the next pot art gonna be
Temporal innerwear
Just got a boner thinking about that.
team up with someone for the event. online ~ 18.0-0.0 in lwm
any advices?
Magic cloak please
Why i cannot create a battle? only join...any ideas?
ignore, found it :) have not clicked the level :D
I like the addition of guild points into events, provides a way in which with patience levelling HG is actually a possibility in my lifetime.
any advices?
kill them before they kill you
any tips on how to beat undead opponents. Death energy is quite irritating.
One player get MG1 and start buffing your troops and debuffing theirs.
It really helps against might and necro enemies.
Anyone near lv16 who hasn't started yet, wanna try for top?
@fury_barb great advice, probably doesn't apply to me since im lvl 5 with limited magic arts, but i've tried the status spell army and it seems to work a charm.
Is it possible to counter or cancel uncontrolable wrath?
think only paladins can cure it. Not sure if dispersion will do it.
Painful, there's no good way to get rid of these demons then, other than killing in one hit. This makes me grow enraged!
fire-immune troops are the best solution. Read: Lava/Magma dragons as of last time.
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