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Group Battles

AuthorGroup Battles
Can you make more rules when creating a group battle ?
The one I want to see and I m waiting many years is maximum ap of players I like this game a lot but when I lose 8/10 battles because of a guy joining with 50+ ap while I have 20 makes me feel bad and ruins the fun.
That was the reason I stopped playing many years before, the game got much better but I want to see this in the near future and it will be perfect.

2. Introduce options for arts/no arts combat types. Technical impossibility to join the "wrong" combat type.

Suggested Several times already.
So you tell me that whoever donates the most money wins.
Seems like I should have never returned :)
Greedy bastards
maybe you could save up and join with better arts? While yes, itís commonly unfair because there will always be rich players with better arts but itís not always the case.

Mostly if the host writes min ap or describes the ap, most comply. There will sometimes be people who join in the last minute with max ap because theyíre spoilsports but thats just the way it is.
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