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Author[Event] Rogue Raids
pssst! Events back-to-back-to-back.
Wait...it says +1 TG point. Does it apply only to thieves? Or can rangers also get the point?
Why are there 4 different attack buttons?
for Hello_lwm:
you are given four different armies you can choose from to attack
Any tips for army comp lol, shits hard
I can't get win against the fourth one yet. Doing the 3rd one over and over for silver. Also - troops are expensive!
How many battles a day
As many as you want presumably. Gonna be expensive
Events back-to-back-to-back.

People's got no lives anymore?...
for Wonderla:
max 40

but the event is difficult no doubt about it
looks like a gold blackhole with how little silver we get and how expensive the troops are.
No wonder they gave so much gold in last event
for Marco Reus:
the 4 different attack buttons, do we know in advance what we will face or if we click it we go straight into the battle. Is the difficulty in order of easy to hard?
Do we lose troops after battle?
Ok answered my own question. We don't lose troops.
Does it apply only to thieves
Seems like it's only for thieves
for Hello_lwm:
Should be both. You have to finish ranger training to get those points.
Maximum fight for today is locked at level 10~
Is this with a figurine?
Robber necklace
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