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Castle building past CL 18

AuthorCastle building past CL 18
So once you hit CL 18 there are no further buildings that unlock. There is an issue with balancing as would need to have a higher tier or more magic guilds.

This is fine I respect that.

However, generally there will be correlation with combat level and length of playing, which in turn will correlate with number of artifacts.

I suggest some minor buildings to go in at higher CL's

Suggestions to include at varying levels

Increased inventory space
Fountain (gives one elxir of restoration per day)
Stables (5% decrease in travel time if using a mount)
Magi portal (teleport 2 times a day)
Scouting hut (5% decrease in hunt wait time)
Ranger/Thief den (5% decrease in thief waiting time)

You get the idea. Not enough to be a game changer, but something to put the gold into you get when you level up.
Nice idea
+1 would be helpful if I ever reach CL 18 xD
+1, maybe even extra inventory space
+1 to all that,
and i want a whole new set of spells(something like MG 4...5 unlocked)
so we can have fun and party :)
+1, maybe even extra inventory space
Scouting hut (5% decrease in hunt wait time)
Ranger/Thief den (5% decrease in thief waiting time)

+1 to the overall idea but some just seem to exist for the heck of it.. You have reached level 18+ played all the hunts and thieves you wanted to.. and then you are given +5% decrease in waiting time. I'm not saying people don't ambush after 18, but what i mean is that people who like to ambush often will have made high TG level regardless by that point. Okay, so we make it 20%-25% decrease then its worth implementing.

I like the fountain and inventory space changes. Stables can be useful, but unnecessary with the magi portal. Either way, 5% is again too small.
To be honest it was mostly for the inventory space I was thinking, then thought of they others while I was typing, the 5% is pretty arbitrary. I chose a low number so that nothing suggested would be considered op, though as we know, thanks are hardly going to consult this thread anyway!
yeah it seems arbitrary and I'm saying it is overly conservative to be worth adding. A change that small is not going to be celebrated thought the inventory space and free elixir i'm sure is more worthwhile.
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