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VV gets AG1

AuthorVV gets AG1
Congratz buddy , knowing how much you hate other guilds except Cg , this is very impressive achievement for you.

Great work, you will give in to the pressures of stats and farm that PvE yet!

It is hard for puritans to stay pure!
NOOO.. i don't want to get famous for AG1 :P

This is all Murali's fault for drugging me to do this. He thinks i can get AG2 before him.. That guy is over thousands of points ahead.

I cant believe you going for AG 2 , good luck . MG is easier you might try doing that as well. :D
Grats vv!
Grats VV
Congratz man :)
for grif:
hahaha you know me too well.

I cant believe you going for AG 2
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