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AuthorUpcoming event-Pharaohs
It's a long story to translate.

I found this highlighted

The results of the talks will be announced shortly.

Personally am not a fan of stories. You can use google translator plugin or page if interested.
Oh, no wonder Lexa sent a hi ;)
Here is the main plot though

The day began with a very disturbing start in one of the border bastions in the north of the Empire. Recently, in these parts, besides the small robber bands and careless smugglers, there was no one to be seen. And now an entire army has lined up against the walls of the imperial stronghold under the banner of the Cult of the Sun. “Everyone check the armor, weapons, ammunition - and march to the walls! Run, run! The enemy is at the gate! " - loudly shouted the imperial commander in the direction of the scurrying soldiers, after which he grabbed the sword from the weapon rack and with a confident step rushed towards the staircase to the outer wall.

Having quickly overcome several dozen stone steps, the commander finally found himself at the very top and looked around the picture that opened to him. But she slightly surprised the veteran soldier. The enemy simply lined up in even rows in front of the walls of the bastion and silently stared at them. No siege weapons, no battle formations - it all looked too strange, even by the standards of the cultists. However, none of the Imperial guards thought to lose their vigilance.
- Weapon ready! - a loud order sounded.
- Set aside! - someone's grave voice immediately rang out.
- Who are you ?! - the commander of the fortress was indignant, turning around and seeing a higher vampire in front of him, in response to which he only slightly raised the sleeve of his cloak, showing the image of a black spider on a deadly pale skin, - I do not obey the orders of counterintelligence!
“Then explain to Her Majesty yourself why the Empire was involved in a senseless war,” the vampire said coldly and measuredly, taking a scroll with a message and holding it out to his interlocutor.
- Come here! - The commander snatched the paper with displeasure, casually tore off the seal and began to read, muttering something under his breath, - Negotiations ?! - He suddenly shouted, and his eyes widened slightly in surprise, - Damn bureaucrats, so that all of them ... - his nostrils flared several times with anger, after which he rolled up the scroll and looked at the nearest soldiers, - you two, follow me! Let's go talk to our "dear" guests ...

Heroes! Unexpected news came from the northern borders. The priests of the Cult of the Sun, who introduced themselves as Pharaohs, report that as a result of some events, their centuries-old curse was finally lifted. But not all representatives of their people rejoiced at the long-awaited freedom. Many of them were frightened, having lost the purpose of their existence, for which they killed and went on suicidal pilgrimages. Falling into madness, they unleashed a bloody internecine war, and then unscrupulous robbers also intervened in it. Therefore, the Pharaohs ask the Empire to help them put an end to these remnants of the fallen curse and cleanse their lands of greedy vultures. Her Majesty the Empress, in turn, agreed to negotiate the terms of a possible union.
The results of the talks will be announced shortly.
I’m excited - this is gonna be my first Ancient Ritual event (it’s ancient ritual right?) since coming back to the game. This is where arts like Enchanted Khopesh, Jackal warriors shield, and Golden Ankh come from right?
Her Majesty the Empress, in turn, agreed to negotiate the terms of a possible union.

Are we talking of new faction? :D
Or new land?
I guess we're gonna use Egyptian troops to beat robbers? But that would mean have robbers in two consecutive events which seems unlikely. We may beat somebody else too. not all representatives of their people Might just be standard factions.
Oh, no wonder Lexa sent a hi ;)

You can just post the google translation itself. It is very clear this time. Also there's 2 more parts to the story continuing the above post, for anyone interested.
Are we talking of new faction? :D
I feel the same
it'd be pretty neat if we can neutral creatures like in homm. they could just give us alt tribal though
Yeah we want new faction :)
Event is long overdue. No wonder the long wait, excited for new event and possibly faction :)
Abu-bakr kills King Cyrus, and his rebel daughter Asma also dies.
He takes control of Cyrus's staff, and frees everyone under Cyrus' control. "The curse was completely lifted".

So the fight is between the the new overlords, the pharaohs, and those released from the curse.

It's a well-written short story. I recommend reading in full. Translates well too.
If there will be new faction Im very impressed how Lords are working lately
Wait so this is a different event from the ones in the past that rewarded the khopesh, jackal shield, and ankh?
for grif:
I doubt there will be new faction though. Although I am hoping there is.
Reason being? Insight tournament is first thing to introduce new faction :p
Is there any interest in the story behind lifting of the curse? It is an interesting story line. I will do it if some of you are interested. But if the machine-translated version is good enough, then there is no point. I could not understand it and it takes the fun of weaving a fantasy away.
I could not understand you don't understand many things :D
Is there any interest in the story behind lifting of the curse? Yeah would be nice if you could translate this to english too ( you do get paid for it, you know :p) .com deserves the full story.
We could make you Herald Shubham if you can match Arctic!

Also would be nice if you could translate the immediately previous story lines, which introduce Cyrus, and his daughter Asma.
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