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[Military Clan] #823 Ginger Tail

Author[Military Clan] #823 Ginger Tail
Want to join one of the top MCs in the game?
Want to be part of the taxers instead of the taxed?

Ginger Tail welcomes you!

GT is a fighting clan of like-minded people created by players for players.
Our values ​​are active play, PvP, communication and freedom of expression.

The clan invites all active players to join our ranks and receive a number of advantages that allow you to reach heights in all areas of interest to you!

I. Tournaments and events

Х Prize fund - 1kk - allocated to reward those who showed themselves at clan events.
Х High-quality information support, unique schemes and strategies for passing through most of the game events;
Х Convenient organization of events, which allows you to take first places in the clan and personal credit;

II. Warehouse and trade

Х One of the cheapest and most capacious warehouses for 310 places;
Х A huge amount of budget craft for events and defenses, promotional artifacts for GT and tournaments, effective negos. arts without crafting for campaigns, etc .;
Х Filling the warehouse based on the current needs of the cats;
Х 6 hotspots: Unruly Steppe, Capital, Eastern River, Bear Mountain, Port City and Portal Ruins;
Х For blacksmiths - increased repair cost ratio for items from the warehouse in 102%
Х Transparency of reporting, as well as the ability to advise on issues related to drafting art, their sale or purchase.

It is also possible to trade artifacts and resources from clan enterprises, receiving bonuses, namely (per unit of production):

Dragonscale Shield / Trade Premium 15 Coins
Disguise Cloak / Trade Bonus 10 Coins
Midnight Bow / 50 Coins Trade Premium
Obsidian Boots / 40 Coins Trade Prize
Obsidian Helmet / 30 Coins Trade Bonus
Obsidian Shield / 50 Coins Trade Bonus
Soldier Boots / Trade Bonus 10 Coins



To apply for membership, you must fill out a questionnaire (this information greatly simplifies all further interaction and eliminates misunderstandings):


Answer within 24 hours, usually faster.

Wishes for the entrants:

Х 13+ BU, GL not less than 5-6, participation in most general game events;
Х adequacy, activity and financial independence;
Х Decent results in the areas of GVD that interest you (PvP / events / protection / forge / organization / trade) and striving for further development;
Х familiarization with the clan page, coordination rules (indicated in the warehouse information), reading and understanding of clan mailings.

The cost of joining is 5000 gold (transfer to the head or deputy after an affirmative answer from any recruiter).


- Participation in defenses (absolute minimum per person - 10 defenses / month)

- Compulsory participation in events for the bookmaker.
Going out of the clan - you will most likely be excluded.
There are no funds to play the event - the clan will credit you.
No time to play - write to the management.

The chapter reserves the right to exclude players who:
1. Show inadequacy, rudeness, conflict, begging, dishonesty;
2. Violate the rules of the clan and instructions in the mailings;
3. Participate in events with a clan credit outside the clan;
4. Violate the conditions of entry / stay;
5. Fell into suspended animation without the Head's warning.

In simple terms, anyone from the com server who would like to join can send me a message, (kchong) and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*Note: As this is a RU server based clan, members should be able to use google translate to communicate in Russian. English is of course, welcome but it is better to use Russian in order to communicate better.
Х Facility Defense - 150% auto payment!

The entrance to the defense is free, without registration and coordinators, BUT:
1. On the defense (PvE) full set of artifacts for your level (2 enchanted weapons and a set of enchanted armor (D10 minimum)
- If your skill level is under level 9, a faction potion is required;
- a full army for your level;
- in case of violation of clause 1 - warning for the first time, again - the violator pays compensation in the amount of 100 * CL to the partner in case of defeat;
- in case of problems with the Internet (not separated or merged) - the culprit pays compensation in the amount of 100 * CL to the partner in case of defeat.
If the violator does not want to pay compensation - an exception.

2. On attacks (PvE) full of your level + at least 2 craft cannons 2 * 5/10;
- up to 9 craftsmen faction potion (alternative - 3 craft cannons, having 8 skills 3 * 5/10);
- a full army for your level.

Taxation battles - 100 AP

1 line 19-23 levels
2 line 19-23 levels
3 line 17-19 levels
4 line 16-18 levels
5 line 16-17 levels
6 line 15 and below levels
7 line 15 and below levels

3. Observe the difference in BU in def +/- 2, otherwise you will get so much army that it will not seem like a little.

4. Only play defence when appropriate - you don't know who and how best to hit the mob - write to Flagen.

5. Dynamic balancing in defaults will not let you win always, and if you see that there is no way to pull out, drain the minimum %, and do not press auto.

3 minutes before the end of the def, you can be naughty and not follow the 1st and 2nd rules.
1 million gold allocated for completing the event.
Reward paid out to all 60 wins players.

2020-08-27 00:07: Received 17857 Gold from - ¬олчица -: награждение по результатам —екретной вылазки
Woah Ginger Tail outperforms my expectations! Nice to see the slackers leaving to another clan, hoo hoo!

#823 Ginger Tail 17,999.5

The last player is now trying to win his final battle and 5 clans sharing 1st place!
Very impressive. Upgraded tengus are very nice creatures indeed!

Apply now to join the rapidly growing clan! Be a cat now!
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[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // ]
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