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Facility defense reward

AuthorFacility defense reward
Facility defense has been very bad for guild stats. Although the gold (depending on clan) and XP to FSP ratio is very generous, these battles lead to characters with underdeveloped stats for PvP.

Small revamp here.

Winning a defense battle will grant extra guild points.
Up to 5 wins a day (Extra wins do not grant extra guild points)
1st win: + 1 HG
2nd win: + 1 LG
3rd win: + 1 MG
4th win: + 1 TG
5th win: + 1 WG

Similar idea but linking to WG. +1
This I feel is a better idea, as it gives a more rounded bonus, that is good but not game changing +1
On implementation I am afraid there is the problem making defenses mandatory for all. But the concept is what matters, exp that gives no guild points is bad and leads to inequalities.
So +1
Ektoras has a good point, all the top clans wont be wanting to share out facilities if the fights give guild points and their members want more
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