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Ability description for creatures.

AuthorAbility description for creatures.
I think it will be great to have ability description for a lot of creatures.

For example, in this event I had no idea what abilities like:
Immortality, etc.

do, until I actually faced the creature & figured after multiple turns.
I agree. I tried to get things moving but who cares about .com anyways. They care about donations from .com though.

This shouldn't be an idea. Just shows how much devs are slacking.
Admins are already aware of this but do not have the resources or time to do this.
I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of players who would offer to do translation for something minuscule such as in game gold.
лучезарный_маг is the translator who is at least trying ro do something now. Please contact him if you want to help. So much needs to be translated. Descriptions, about the game section needs to be updated, some translations corrected such as Joun battle in CG and much more.
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