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elven_blade reaches Hunters' guild: 9 (4305.14) +1694.9

Authorelven_blade reaches Hunters' guild: 9 (4305.14) +1694.9
I know you guys didnt hear in a long time from me.
so heres celebrating HG 9.
cheers guys :)
Huge congratulations elven_blade. I am immensely proud of your achievement.

Well done
thank you for ensuring.....

Nothing to be proud about. Just shows how much time you wasted on this game instead of doing more productive stuff like advancing your career or learning a musical instrument.

Jokes aside, congratulations! Cant have too little HG points.

+1 attack, very nice bonus indeed.
Lol kchong r u Chinese :)
Wht do u do for a living n wher r u from !

Thank u grif Acean lgles and kchong :)
Student and Im from Wisconsin

Why do u assume I am chinese? Yes I am but why???!
K Chong Ur name mate :)
I was just laughing on d fact that time was wasted here n curious abt ur identity. They r 2 seperate things mate :)
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