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   Forums-->Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles-->it was 5v1 free for all.

Authorit was 5v1 free for all.

they even type it on the chat to hit me all together...and then they got 2v2..
There is no rule violation in teaming up

It's just the perks of being Russian in a Russian game so they understand each other easily
9. Temporary alliances in “free-for-all” combat are allowed. If two or more players join forces to eliminate another, this is not a violation of game rules. However, keep in mind that this rule does not permit group combat with your secondary character or multiple characters playing on the same PC.
i read comments why they all attack you , because you were only one with full arts and game description said you not allowed to join with full arts , maybe next time follow rules :)
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