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Help password and email

AuthorHelp password and email
Yesterday i downloaded iOs 14 and it told me to change my password. I did that using the Apple password suggestion. When I wanted to log in on my computer, the password was not saved. Therefore I changed the password again. What happened next is that the new password did not meet the password requirements, however Apple saved the new wrong password on the keychain. I am not able to find my current password so I cannot change my password.

Recover password via e-mail does not work, since my email is a long unused email from many years ago. I donít know my email anymore either. How can I restore my account settings? And is this the right place to restore the account settings?

With kind regards,
If you don't know your password and email, then I doubt you can recover your account, because you don't really have a way to prove its your account.
Hi Meshy,

Thanks for your reply. I do know my previous password which Iíve had for a long time. Also I found a bank statement from when I donated money three years ago. So that should prove that this is my account. Would that be enough?

With kind regards,
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