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not returning loan

Authornot returning loan
https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7527483 - his id

this player asked for a loan amount of 20000 on 20th September 2020 and said that he would return within the next day. I have been asking him about the return of my loan amount but he ignores my message.
That player has been blocked so he wont return your loan. In the future you should look at the transfer log to see if it is a trustworthy person. That guy had over 500k unrepaid loans when you gave him money.

Also FYI Im pretty sure that when you give someone a loan they have 30 days to pay it back regardless of whatever deal you made. (similar to how you cannot charge interest, I don't believe you can demand your money back in X days)
You can set a term. But you must mention it while transferring gold.
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