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[Service][Event help][CL14-16]


Author[Service][Event help][CL14-16]
DAY 1 - Level 1 to Level 10.

I am offering help to CL 14 to 16.

90% if you require me to dress in good arts (with ring of thorns)
80% if you require me to dress in budget arts
50-70% if you are broke and can't win but want to win (com servers and clan members ONLY)

I have a maxed army set and have helped many players win their battles.

*Arrangements can be made for even better equipment to be equipped (with a fee of course), can be up to 120%.
Service closed for Day 1. Will reopen for day 2 soon with a thread update.
Service open for Day 2.

90% if you require me to dress in good arts (with ring of thorns)
80% if you require me to dress in budget arts
50-70% if you are broke and can't win but want to win (com servers and clan members ONLY)
Due to huge demand.
All battles will be done in good arts
Price is fixed 90%

If broke, pm me and we will discuss.
Service open for Day 3.
I suggest selling away hyenas and getting higher tier units.
Some units are crazy overprice DO NOT BUY them (for ex: Forest Hobbits & Spies)
Use your brain and think if 1 forest hobbit is stronger than 1 bruiser which is cheaper now.

Again, price is same.

Price is fixed 90%

If broke, pm me and we will discuss. (clan members and COM server only)
Answering few questions, please don't pm me with these questions.

Question 1.
You - Can you charge lower price? I have the gold but can you charge less please?
Me - No. If you can afford it then you should pay.
You - Why u so greedy bro? Come on 80%
Me - Why don't you grind every level bro? Or choose AI? AI is strong too. You think
equipment is free? I am using good arts and not making much profit.

Question 2.
You - Bro I have a bad army I can't pass the stage can you help?
Me - Ya I can help. Let me see. Why u only have turncoat mages and hyena casters? Where
is your attack army?
You - Ya bro I am not smart I don't think, but can you help please I can pay more.
Me - No dude, even I helping you, you still gonna lose. No chance to win. If you want
my help please sell all your troop and buy good troops.
You - No bro, I want to do only mage army for my youtube please.
Me - Ya ok, go find others to help.

Question 3.
You - Hey can we go from level 21-30 all at one go?
Me - Most probably not. I can try to accomodate depending on your army but you should
still grind at least 1-2 extra solo levels per level.
You - Ok bro, got it thanks
Me - No problem, but I can help you, just message and we can arrange something.

Question 4.
You - типы на русском
Me - *No reply*
You - Why u no reply? You racist bro.
Me - Ya I don't really care lol blocked
2020-09-25 02:49: kchong[14], Mercenary warrior vs Imperial defenders (30*)

Level 30 won. Every single level cleared. Except level 1 additional levels. IDK WHY.

Feel free to pm for enquiries.
Service open for Day 3.
Price reduced to 80% as gold reward is higher now!
My comprehensive opinion on which troops are good.

Turncoat Mages - F tier
Caster which can cast curse, delay and earthen spikes.
Damage is low (1-2) and low count means not reliable units.
There are better options such as Turncoat warmages or gnolls-shamans.

Turncoat WarMages - Situational (B/F)
Caster which can cast curse, delay, earthen spikes and magic arrow.
As of now, do not buy. Gnoll shamans stronger option.
In the near future, can be considered as a melee attacker that can cast curse.
Damage is reasonable (2-3), even better than swashbucklers in my opinion HOWEVER, low recruit count makes this unit undesirable. Very cheap though, can consider buying in future if requiring a big cheap stack that can deal decent damage and have nice hp (8/8).

Outriders - OK
Can be purchased. Cheap and decent shooters.
High count and OK damage (1-3)

Swashbucklers - S/A tier
a MUST buy. However, fallback is the very expensive price right now due to many players buying this unit. Depending on price, can be sold in Day 5/6 and replaced with stronger units in the late game. (tengu etc).

Warhammers - B tier
Good troop against large units (double damage). However, too slow and too expensive.
Can be good in certain situations. You can buy this unit.

Gnolls - S/D tier
a MUST buy for early game when you have few different stacks. Very strong strategy when paired with someone with the same strategy. High count of morale, potential of multiple hits make this troops very strong. Fallback however, is expensive price right now. Not very strong in the late game due to high price and low speed. 4 move speed is very bad in a large map.

Gnoll Bola shooters - Situational (S/F)
Only to be used with Gnolls. Straight out garbage without Gnolls.
Bind is decent, reduce initiative by half and speed by 1, but low chance of trigger against big mobs. Better shooter options available (outriders, balista etc)

Gnoll Shaman - S tier
A MUST buy. Best caster in event. 30% rapid/delays, stoneskin and lightning.
Put into 2-3 stacks, depending on day and you have an entire fast army + delayed enemy priority units. Will roll all the way to late game as S tier.

Infiltrators - A tier
Great fast units with high defence due to nimbleness ability.
Damage is low but poison makes up for it. Very fast unit too with a decent price due to most players going for spies.

Spies - B tier
Great fast unit and has everything infiltrators has + crusade. Reason this doesnt get A or S tier is because of very high price as well as low damage (1-3)
Buy at your own risk.

Bruisers - B tier
Big slabs of meat. Able to absorb damage and cover ally sometimes.
Very slow however. Buy at your own risk.

Varan beaters - Situational (S/F tier)
Can be very strong against low army count with hero. Explosive shot can deal tons of damage against small stack of units, but is pretty much useless against big mobs.
Situational. Stronger in the late game and pretty much useless in early game.

Mobile balista - B tier
OK shooter. Can be bought safely. Chance to knockback + 20% armor pen is strong.

Desert raiders - B tier
OK melee fast unit. High move speed and initiative. Weak compared to his upgrade, Hunis. But with Hunis price going uphill, this may be a decent purchase. Buy if u need something that is fast and can reach enemy shooters in 2 turns.

Hunis - S tier
One of the MUST buys for now. However, due to high price, you may sell going into late game. Bravery is extremely strong and with rapid, there are times I can reach enemy shooters before they even shoot. Great unit but too expensive now.

Oasis Acolytes & Oasis Guards - A tier
Great units. you should have one of these on ur team, but not both.
Good tanks and deal good damage. Can heal from spells too.

Tengu & Japanese Tengu - B tier
Bad units for NOW. Maybe better if recruit count changes.
Vindictiveness is extremely strong with defence builds. (double damage when retaliating)

Trashers - C tier
Bad units... Mighty sla
Was busy! Business is open for level 41-50 and definitely level 51-60.

Will farm every single level so my troops will be maxed out.
Tip: Varan beaters are extremely strong!

I am also downgrading Huni to A tier and Crocodiles to B tier.
Trashers and Giant Archers are now playable, B tier at best.
Spies and Infiltrators are both A.

Varan beaters are S+ now. A must have maxed out in all armies.
Turncoat Mages, Turncoat Warmages, Infiltrators are now S+.
I can only help CL 14-16 Levels 51-60.

Do not message for other levels please
Level 51-60 Updated prices
80% for all! Clanmates and com server can get discounted price if lack of gold!
Price increased to 90% and 80% for repeat customers!
I am considering helping out Level 41-50s too.

You can pm me regarding this. My army is more suited towards level 51-60s, but I am still able to help for 41-50s depending on your army set.
CL 14 (Multiple examples for harder waves)
Level 51

Level 52

Level 53

Level 54

Level 55

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Level 57

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Level 60
CL 15 (Multiple examples for harder waves)
Level 51

Level 52

Level 53

Level 54

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CL 16 (Multiple examples for harder waves)
Level 51

Level 52

Level 53

Level 54-57

Level 58

Level 59

Level 60
Short discussion about strategy and decision making

Case 1:

As can be seen, one spell was wasted on troops that were going to get burn anyway. Game was lost because of one small mistake.

Case 2:

Game won with good communication and strategy making. Spells were cast accordingly by both players and game was won easily.
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