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Shareholder forum for .com players

AuthorShareholder forum for .com players
On .ru website there is forum feature for each facility to discuss shareholding cases among shareholders. There is no such forum on .com website. I think it should be. How are we supposed to communicate? Login each time to .ru website and post there using translator?

It being in russian can't be helped but they could at least give us a link to it without having to log .ru

bit of a disappointing oversight
I have asked this on .ru, it's been almost two months now

If the developers lack resources to open forum to .com players then linking to .ru forum is acceptable. I can even accept relogging as long if it is done automatically and after posting I can click "return to .com server" and log back automatically.
They don't lack resource, they lack care

+1 though, seems useful for people who want it.
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